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Heart of Gold Battle

As we are getting closer to the Western Literature Association conference date, we might start thinking about a clip or clips to use to spark discussion. One possibility would be the climactic battle scene in “Heart of Gold,” which despite sci-fi touches such as a laser pistol is pretty much all-western in terms of genre, complete with horses and Peckinpah-inspired slow motion violence. One of the interesting elements of this sequence is the crosscutting, as we move between two gun battles (the assault on the brothel by mounted gunmen, the fight for control of Serenity) and one birthing scene. It seems like a sequence where a number of Firefly‘s themes come together, and it’s also a well-put-together action sequence.


One Response to “Heart of Gold Battle”

  1. I think this sounds as good as any and should allow comments from the audience around the sub-themes that have recurred in this blog: hybridity (as theme and style); intertextuality / haunting of Firefly by other texts and references; gender; race; genre – ie as a ‘post-Western’, as ‘rhizomatic text’; as a ‘third space’ TV show working in-between expectations and assumptions.

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