Firefly and Western Literature
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About the Firefly Blog

The blog started at as a prelude to the 2008 Western Literature Association Conference in Boulder, where several of us participated in a discussion-oriented panel on the western/sci-fi television show Firefly (created by Joss Whedon). Our goal, in keeping with the orientation of the conference, was to discuss the western elements of the series. Part of the fun of Firefly is the way it explicitly explores the western roots that many sci-fi films and television series share: through the use of western character types (think Stagecoach in space), the use of multiple western visual and aural motifs (space as wide open plains, individual planets with western topographies, guns, clothing, colloquial speech), and the use of various western plot devices, train robberies, cattle rustling, etc.


The purpose of this blog is to continue that discussion of the western elements of Firefly.


Michael K. Johnson, University of Maine at Farmington

Neil Campbell, University of Derby

Lee Ann Roripaugh, University of South Dakota

Susan J. Wolfe, University of South Dakota

2008 Western Literature Association Conference


One Response to “About the Firefly Blog”

  1. Interesting… I didn’t know about the “western roots” of sci-fi… but now firefly makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks 🙂

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